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model formulation and programming in matlab. I need to formulate model of linear quadratic regulator. I have setuped my matlab m-file but it is not giving correct answer. I have changed type of control input from vector to scalar variable but that also not giving right answer. Can you help me to find out problem? Here is my model setup in matlab: % m = [1 2]; m_control = [1 5]; [q u] = qp(q,u,m,m_control); function [q,u] = qp(q,u,m,m_control) g = []; g = [0 g(m(1)) 0]'; b = [-g(m(1)) g(m(1))]'; [Q,R] = quadprog(g,b,q,u,m,m_control); q = R(1:2); u = R(3:4); end Output -1.5679 -0.1251 A: You are using the matrix in your quadratic model as the input. Since you pass the values of 1 and 5 (vector values) as input to the matlab function, then the corresponding matrix is obtained as [1, 5] as can be seen in the below screenshot from the documentation for the function. However, in the function you have the vector g = [0, g(m(1))]', which has values 0 and 1, which correspond to the first row and second row of the matrix, respectively. Please change the function as follows. g(1) = 0; g(2) = 1; g = [g g];




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Modelsim Pe Student Edition 10.4 Crack

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